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    & interim managment

    Our support is especially aimed at small and medium-size enterprises (SME) as well as StartUps. Business Development always means to us – thinking the sales and marketing perspective. We support by consulting, project realization & interim management.

    Why MISTEL Business
    Development Consultancy?

    Ready, go!

    An innovation is not a product. About 145 different kinds of marketing can be distinguished. Selling means providing value to the client. But, who is the client?

    We help you to define your value proposition – out of a practical sales & marketing perspective.

    Ready, go!

    Your value proposition is ready to go. And now? Market access iskey. Customer access is another key.

    We accompany you, guide you on your way into the market, to the client, to sales success.


    Business opportunity means thinking international. GDP and health care expenditure per capita may be indicators for market potentials – not to be mixed with turnover potentials.

    We accompany you on your way into European/CIS markets, incl. the access to local sales channels.

    Information is key

    Considering sales, the communication with the client is key. The content, the format, the transfer, the interface to the client are keys. Not to forget the clients internally at your enterprise!

    We consult and guide you into a client oriented communication.

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