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  • MISTEL - The Catalyst for Success

    Innovation is a complex term. Macro-economic indicators don`t tell anything about the sales potential of a product.

    MISTEL - The Catalyst in Product Definition

    Innovation is not a product. Consider minimizing time to reach break-even and maximizing exploitation of sales potential.

    MISTEL - The Performer
    in Sales Development

    Innovation is our passion. We burn for new solutions, new concepts.
    We distribute your products, find channels for you.

    About us - Who are We?
    And, why us?

    We offer many years of international experience in direct sales and dealer business as well as product marketing. – We support companies in building their bridge into a European market, or into the Russian Federation, the Eurasian Economic Union, the CIS region. – We accompany companies in an advisory capacity, or will directly be involved, from the early start-up phase of a company or product, to the recommendation of medical societies.


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    Our services


    Our support is especially aimed at small and medium-size enterprises (SME) as well as StartUps. Business Development always means to us – thinking the sales and marketing perspective. We support by consulting, project realization & interim management.

    Distibution of MedTech Solutions

    Opening markets, bringing new, innovative solutions to the market, and establish those solutions within a market is our mission – creating benefits for patient, payor & provider is our philosophy – Best Business Development Catalyst is our vision.

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