ООО «Мистель»
Российская Федерация,
620026, Екатеринбург,
Белинского, 55
MiSTEL Europe UG,
Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 25,
41542 Dormagen

Com Services

Regional Focus
“ >15 years of regional support of health care solutions means first and foremost a bidirectional path to/from Eastern Europe — the center of our universe. We brought a new non-invasive cardiac output measurement of a Western manufacturer to Russia and established a new class and era of low-end patient monitoring in the Russian health care market. In Ukraine, this function entered the national guidelines on patient monitoring, issued by the ministry of health. We set the cornerstone for the international boost of a Russian manufacturer’s capnography solutions. — If you look towards Eastern Europe, or from Eastern Europe towards European/International markets, it will be worth to talk.”

15 years


Economy, technology
We consult you on regional market potentials, access, specificities. We accompany you on the way into the market. We control and support your commercial activities on site for you
We describe the strategic development path of your value proposition into a standard application at a local health care system. We convert your unique selling points into a locally understandable and selling story


We are specialized distributor for respiratory products in the Russian health care market – open to talk about a distribution of your products in our channels.

Our commercial services go beyond. Beside Russia, our network reaches out to the West, East, and South of the former Soviet Union. From Ukraine and Moldova, to the Caucasus and The STAN-Countries in Central Asia.

Actual & Focus

We support the European leading manufacturer of heated humidification to develop their market access in Kazakhstan and look for opportunities all around CIS for a German clean room expert. What can we do for you?