ООО «Мистель»
Российская Федерация,
620026, Екатеринбург,
Белинского, 55
MiSTEL Europe UG,
Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 25,
41542 Dormagen

Medical Device Development

You have the plan
We have the capacity
We are engineers with a strong commercial affinity, consider regulatory duties as fundamental necessity. When people think in boxes and drawers, we think in tasks and solutions. You are looking for an external impulse or opinion? Let’s talk and see how we can support you.
You are European manufacturer and develop your solution within the new MDR world. We support your documentation process, creation of risk analysis and usability document. Let’s talk and see how we can support you.
Medical technology development projects always have a complex scope, including a variety of scientific and engineering disciplines. The more complex, the higher the need on specific and specialized expertise. We can provide, or find the resource for you.
Development, construction & prototyping
Normative & regulatory support
Conceptual consultancy
When your work force reaches the limit, we are the complementary resource to your team – on demand. Let’s talk about your needs.
Our key engineering disciplines today: biomedical engineering, industrial design (mechanical construction), microelectronics, sensor technology (focus IR).

Service &
Support Model

Resource and capacity. The right people, at the right time, to solve your problem. Let us define the scope of your challenge – develop your system, or recruit the resource and capacity you need.
The people at MISTEL stand for Medical Technology.

Decades of experience, in the center of a tri-directional structure out of Product Management, Sales & Quality/Regulatory – defined our way of thinking.

The ideal fundament to create a complete picture, a working concept and value proposition, satisfying regulatory needs.